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BBC News with Eileen Macqueen.

The Yemeni government and Shiah Houthi rebels have signed an UN-brokered deal to try to end a political crisis that’s seen the rebels take over key parts of the capital Sanaa. Under the accord, a new government will be formed within a month. The Houthis and the Southern Movement Herak have three days to present their candidates for prime minister. But the Houthis have not yet signed part of the agreement that calls for a ceasefire to begin. Sebastian Usher reports. “During the day, the Houthis rebels took over ministries and military buildings raising fears of an all-out coup. It may have been more of a show of force when they have been threatening for some time. The security forces offered little or no resistance. The deal was waiting to be signed at the Presidential Palace. It wasn't clear if the Houthi advance would scupper the agreement or essentially part of its choreography. The result for now at least is a big political change in Yemen with the Shiah Houthis potentially gaining an unprecedented say in government at the expense of their main rival the Sunni Islamist movement al-Islah.”



Thousands of Russians have marched through the center of Moscow in the first major protest against Russia's alleged involvement in the Ukraine conflict. In Ukraine itself, the government has said its military forces will not pull back in the east of the country until Russian troops leave. Sarah Rainsford reports. “As they march through central Moscow, the protestors chanted 'No to war and hands off Ukraine.' Many carried the yellow and blue Ukrainian national flag alongside the Russian colours in a show of solidarity. Others had signs asking Ukraine to forgive them. The Kremlin has always denied that it's supporting the pro-Russian rebels in east Ukraine or sending its own servicemen there to fight alongside them. But people in this crowd don't believe that.”

数千名俄罗斯人走上莫斯科中心,首次抗议俄罗斯对乌克兰冲突的参与行为。在乌克兰国内,政府称除非俄军离开,其军队将不会从东部撤出。Sierra Reins报道。


The authorities in Sierra Leon have decided not to extend the three-day Ebola lockdown which is due to end in a few hours. More than 90 bodies have been retrieved during the lockdown and over 100 people have voluntarily reported themselves to the health authorities. Our correspondent in Freetown Umaru Fofana says the confirmation that the curfew will finish shortly was greeted with enthusiasm. “One is broke initially that the extension was being considered. There was a lot of mumbling around with people saying we are running short of stock of food and all of that. And when once this went out again, people have thronged the streets in the eastern Freetown singing 'Jesus, Ebola is finished. Jesus, Ebola has ended.' Lots of people in the east of Freetown are on the streets as I speak to you now.” Umaru Fofana reporting.

塞拉利昂就防范埃博拉而规定的为期三天“一级防范禁闭”将在几小时内结束,该国当局决定不延长禁闭时间。禁闭期间收到90多具尸体,还有100多人自发将病情汇报给医疗部门。我们在弗里敦的记者Umaru Fofana说,得到证实的消息称,宵禁将很快结束,人们对此很欢迎。

最初考虑延长禁闭,但后来决定不延长。人们一直嚷着称缺少食物等东西,一旦禁闭结束,人们涌上弗里敦的街头,叫道“天啊,埃博拉结束了!天啊,埃博拉结束了!”就在此刻,弗里敦东部很多人都在大街上。Umaru Fofana报道。

Nigeria's National Union of Teachers has called for a further delay in the start of the school term because of the Ebola outbreak. Pupils are due to return to lessons tomorrow. The head of the Union Michael Olukoya said safety measures to contain Ebola were not in place. President Goodluck Jonathan dismissed the call for a postponement.

尼日利亚全国教师工会呼吁考虑到埃博拉爆发,可以推迟开学时间。小学生们本应明天开学,但工会主席Michael Olukoya说遏制埃博拉的安全措施尚未到位。总统古德勒克•乔纳森拒绝延期开学。

World News from the BBC.

A global day of protest against climate change has culminated in New York City where tens of thousands of people marched to demand urgent action. The demonstrators included celebrities, scientists and world leaders. Among them was the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon. Our correspondent Mack Migra was there. “They are all hoping here to send a message to the politicians; the heads of the government will come into New York on Tuesday; to send a message that there is big popular support in the world for action, rapid action on climate change. And they think that by demonstrating on the streets here, by having perhaps the biggest climate march in history, it will be able to increase that pressure to drive towards a new global deal to be signed at the end of 2015 in Paris.”

全球气候变化抗议活动在纽约达到高潮,成千上万人走上街头要求采取立即行动。游行者中有名人、科学家和世界领袖,其中就有联合国秘书长潘基文。记者Mack Migra报道。


One of the world's biggest car manufacturers General Motors is recalling hundreds of thousands of vehicles because it has identified an increased risk of fire from using the brakes. The recall includes a model of GM's luxurious car the Cadillac. Most of those affected by the recall are in the US and Canada. General Motors says it's not aware of any deaths or injuries due to the defect.


The rival candidates in Afghanistan's presidential election have signed a power sharing deal, ending months of arguments over alleged fraud. Ashraf Ghani will become president of a national unity government while the runner-up Abdulla Abdulla will nominate a chief executive who will be answerable to the president. After the signing, the election commission declared Ashraf Ghani the winner of the poll without giving a final tally.


A NASA spacecraft is about to enter into orbit around Mars after a 10-month journey of over 700 million kilometers. The Maven explorer will circle the planet to study its atmosphere. Its main task is to find clues as to why Mars went from being wet and warm to cold and dry billions of years ago. Scientists believe the red planet initially had a thick atmosphere which has since thinned. And that's the latest


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